RE Summer 2017

This summer the RE curriculum will be taken from the UUA Tapestry of Faith called, "Creating Home". This program helps children develop a sense of home that is grounded in faith. Together we will ask questions about the purpose of having a home and the functions a home serves, for us as humans and for other animals. The program speaks of home as a place of belonging and explores the roles each of us play in the homes where we live. The program introduces the concept of a "faith home" - your congregation - which shares some characteristics with a family home. Like a family home, a faith home offers its members certain joys, protections, and responsibilities.




Summer 2017 RE Schedule




06/25/2017 Ruth and Yvette Spirit Play - Flaming Chalice
07/02/2017 Erik and Yvette On the Threshold
07/09/2017 Erik and Yvette Symbols of Faith
07/16/2017 Erik and TBD Beehive
07/23/2017 Erik and Yvette Home in Nature
07/30/2017 Erik and Yvette Hearth and Home
08/06/2017 Erik and Yvette Book of Ruth
08/13/2017 Erik and TBD Hare's Gifts
08/20/2017 Erik and Yvette Our Ancestral Home
08/27/2017 Erik and Yvette Tango
09/03/2017 Erik and Yvette Muhammad