Ten Good Reasons for Joining a UU Congregation*

  • Because here we join with open hearts and minds to worship together, seeking what is sacred among us.
  • Because here we are part of a long, liberal tradition of reason and tolerance, of hope and liberation.
  • Because here we honor our Jewish and Christian roots, and also reach out to know the great truths found in other religious expressions.
  • Because here we acknowledge that revelation is never sealed and we empower ourselves to search for new truths.
  • Because here we nurture our children's enthusiasms and encourage their questions.
  • Because here we welcome diverse people and views.
  • Because here we join our strength with others to create a more just society.
  • Because here we respect the whole self: mind, body, and spirit working together.
  • Because here we encourage each other to be true to ourselves.
  • Because here we build a supportive community that eases our loneliness and opens our hearts.


*Borrowed from Bill and Barbara Hamilton-Holway and Mark Harris


Pathway to Membership

Take a Visitor Information Bag.

Fill out a Visitor Information Card and leave with us.

Attend Sunday Services and other church activities.

Attend UU Journey class. 

Meet with the Minister. 

Sign the Membership Book.

Celebrate with your new community!

How to Get Involved

Here are a few ideas...

  • Support the spiritual development of our children by assisting one of the Religious Education teachers.
  • Volunteer to be a Sunday Morning Greeter to welcome members and visitors as they arrive to church.
  • Sign up to provide refreshments for a Coffee Hour.
  • Attend a Friday night movie or documentary.
  • Act as an Usher on Sunday morning.
  • Come to Cruise Night on the first Friday of the month during the summer.
  • Expand your spiritual horizons by participating in an adult Religious Education workshop.

We want you to feel welcomed into our church family. We all have "gifts" that we bring to our church and we want to welcome your talents. If you have an idea, let the minister or a Board member know.