Caring Committee

Karen Harris, Chair
This committee meets with the minister to address pastoral needs of the congregation and for training in visiting, listening, and more. Committee members send cards, make telephone calls or visit members as appropriate. It sponsors book discussion groups for the congregation and the community.

Committee on Congregational Life

Kate English, Leslie Nichols, Betty Stapleford, Chair
This committee helps monitor the overall health of the ministries of the congregation. They review the Covenant of Right Relations of the congregation annually.

Mary A. Livermore Society

Ann Hewitt, Convenor

Established in the late 19th Century, the Mary A. Livermore Society has held meetings for over 100 years and is the longest standing women’s society in Ventura County. The members and friends meet on a monthly basis to  share their stories and have presentations of interest. The “Mary A’s” continue to support causes that include end-of-life issues, reproductive rights, and other women’s issues in the spirit of Mary A. Livermore who worked for women’s education as well as abolition and temperance.

Social Concerns Action Committee

Margaret Wilson and Audrey Vincent, Co-Chairs
This committee makes recommendations for First Sunday Plate donations, it oversees the Documentary Film and Potluck series and it organizes social justice community events. It meets monthly on the second Wednesday at 4 PM.

Worship Team

Ruth Ricards, Chair
This committee supports worship by serving as Worship Hosts, maintaining the supplies for Worship and planning worship services with the minister. It meets quarterly.