March 25, 2021

Mary As presents Judge Katherine Mader

Day and Time
Thursday Mar 25, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

We will be joined by Judge Katherine Mader, who spent two decades as a judge in a criminal court, was the LAPD’s first Inspector General, a prosecutor in two murder-for-hire trials, and a defense attorney who successfully argued to spare the life of the Hillside Strangler. She has recently published the book "Inside The Robe" where she shares an entire year in her courtroom. Judge Mader retired one year ago and as of this month, will return to the bench as a reserve or substitute judge. In this position, she is not allowed to promote her book. However, she will be interviewed by her long time childhood friend and our Mary A’s member, Constancia. The program promises to be very unique and engaging! Join us!
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