July 8, 2022

Santa Paula Cinema Society: The Madness of King George

Day and Time
Friday Jul 8, 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

The Madness of King George is often billed as a historical biopic documenting the rare hereditary disorder that led to the erratic behavior King George III, or as a study of the often barbaric 18th century medical practices used to treat it. But this is a far more interesting and ambitious film than that. At its heart this is the story of a man whose entire existence is defined by not being seen by anyone as an ordinary human being, even to himself. How is his behavior to be judged? Is it a mere illness or something otherworldly? How can such a person's maladies be cured? According to Alan Bennett's witty and darkly comic screenplay (adapted from his stage play), by finally being seen as a real, mortal person by those around him, and by the man to himself. But you may set aside all of these deep ideas if you like, and simply enjoy the portrayal of George III by Nigel Hawthorne, it being so perfect and memorable, and worth the time all by itself. This is an intelligently constructed film that combines superb writing, and strong performances throughout, to create a rare movie-watching experience.

With Ian Holm, Helen Mirren, and the Ruperts (Everett and Graves). (1994, 1:51)
Hosted by Mitch Stone

Universalist Unitarian Church of Santa Paula
740 E. Main Street
July 8 2022, 7PM • Free as always!